The kitchen in the 21st century He has left behind forever what was traditionally expected of her. Now is the core of the home full de activities and new roles sociales. That's why we invest more and more in its decoration and equipment and we like to spend time between its four walls. ¿You want to know more about this deep transformation? I tell you.

the kitchen in the 21st centuryEl Global Kitchen report: the kitchen, the heart of the home, carried out by the Silestone Institute, promoted by the Cosentino Group, has corroborated a reality that has been taking shape in most of the homes for a few years now. The revealing publication reflects how they materialize in the design and use current of this space the main social changes and the new ways of life. In short, that the kitchen in the XXI century becomes the engine and axis of any home. Functional o very technological, big, medium or minis. All have become a faithful mirror of the social transformations that so influence our domestic life. These are, point by point, your changes.

The kitchen in the 21st century: a multifunctional space

The first of the affirmations of this report is that the kitchen in the 21st century acquires a leading role. Take a central position In the home in front of the rest of the stays common. According to the opinions of 23 international experts and the results of the surveys carried out on citizens of 9 countries, it has been erected in a space of the most versatile. In particular, the 40% of users recognize conceiving it as a meeting place Where to organize meetings with friends informally. Y at the same time a comfortable scenario where to work with a computer, consult a tablet or watch TV.

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Now, the kitchen in the 21st century also es a family meeting point. Its multifunctional concept complements perfectly with its role of stay where to enjoy any meal of the day. And for that, they look for decorative solutions of all kinds that maximize their meters and distribution. Transform corners in dining rooms super practical, use folding tables and bars next to the walls, or place a work island that allows to perform on it different tasks.

A unisex place to cook

Another key that throws the mentioned report is that the kitchen in the XXI century He has stoped to be basically a female space at home. According to the results obtained in this publication, the 30% of men cook In their homes, they hang their aprons and worry about preparing a healthy kitchen. And the most important, he does it regularly, the cooking has been left behind only for special occasions. An expected and encouraging change, although apparently the woman continues and responsible de la preparation and organization of the food. In short, to keep at bay the shelf, check that it is always full and without expired food.

Of little use having a kitchen equipped with appliances last generación and innovative furniture in design y trends if there is no behind smart planning. Apparently the balanced distribution of these domestic tasks continues to be a pending issue in Mediterranean cultures compared to the Anglo-Saxon countries. But the important thing is that the kitchen in the 21st century is unisex.

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Cult for well-being and healthy cooking

El food-health binomial It is key in the kitchen in the 21st century and it is certainly great news. From it it favors A lifestyle mucho healthier and menus with better quality diets are made. An authentic place of worship for the well-being and the health of those who inhabit the house. According to the people who have participated in the aforementioned report, an 50% has changed their eating habits and has incorporated health criteria each time they go shopping and cook their own recipes.

It is a reality that we are increasingly interested in know the provenance and nutritional properties of the food that we take in the shopping cart. And we avoid resorting to precooked and processed, so helped in times of urgency.

Ecological awareness

If there is something that defines cuisine in the 21st century, it is ecological spirit. Members who live in homes are becoming increasingly aware of the respect towards the environment and they move it in their day to day in it. On the one hand, there has been an important transformation in buying habitsis bet on the products local and in season. On the other, you try say goodbye to plastic in decoration, recover the supply in bulk, etc.

In addition, the kitchen in the XXI century deepens in the conservation and reuse of food not to waste. And it inculcates the little ones of the house, who also participate in this process to foster in them the sustainability and care of our planet.

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Territory for social networks

Health, wellness, leisure, ecology ... and also social networks. The kitchen in the 21st century can not be conceived without its use. Has become a territory dominated by them to  make inquiries of all kinds, mainly about gastronomy, cooking and health. But also information on consumption and criteria of energy efficiency, sustainability and recycling. Although it sounds excessive, the aforementioned study states that the use of social networks in this space of the house is ahead of other intelligent devices and home automation.

Its a perfect excuse to spend more time in it, discovering new recipes, or consulting videos of great chefs. The kitchen in the 21st century is a responsible scenario, open to explore and in favor of maximum well-being.

Is it like yours?

Images: Silestone Institute