You may have thought of some time decorate your house in white and beige, but you have given up thinking it would be rather bland. Well, today I bring you the final proof that you were wrong. Take a tour of these incredible spaces and you will see.

white and beige houseThe one that I want to show you today, room by room, is a white and beige house that is located in Laguna Beach, California. However, it could well be located near the bay of Cádiz. Or in Almería. Or, why not ?, on the coasts of Castellón. In any bright and natural place can be understood a house like this. Enjoy it and recognize that the neutral, the serene and the clear do not have to be boring.

You will notice at the first glance. The house is simple and cozy, almost 500 square meters. And it is designed to make life easier and more comfortable for its inhabitants: a family of four in which two are young children. Do you want to pass?

Expand the space by decorating the house in white and beige

When the owners of the house considered the interior design they wanted for it, they immediately agreed that the primordial thing was to give amplitude to the spaces. It is not that the house as a whole was small, but they did see the need to visually expand the common areas.

The room, for example, it is the most lived and frequented space in the whole house. There they spend a lot of time with the family, with the children moving without stopping from one place to another. For that, they needed turn it into a diaphanous space (as far as possible) and relaxed. Without too many furniture that would hinder circulation. Not many things that tarnished the global effect.

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To achieve these objectives helped them choose a very simple and bright color palette: white and beige take the cat to the water. Some touches of black come to create very special and decorative contrasts. They are in the lamps, in the pictures on the wall or in the simple handrail of the staircase.

La mix of textures and materials is another key to the decoration of the room. Soft and comfortable textiles increase the feeling of comfort, such as the fluffy carpet or the cushions of the large sofa, with its corner module.

Kitchen, an ode to order

The kitchen can not be whiter, and that brings a great feeling of cleanliness, of lightness, that we love. The cabinets were one of the things that the owners most worked in this space. For them, order was (and is) a fundamental issue, and they had to find a way to keep it in space. So they planned furniture and cabinets up to the ceiling.

Since white is the dominant color, they installed a gray marble countertop and sill to break its hegemony. Of course, without distorting or changing the overall effect of the kitchen.

The open bookcase is surprising, combining light oak shelves and black iron brackets. It is simple, functional and very decorative. As for the dining corner, although it is not very large, it serves for family breakfasts.

An anti-stress workplace

Working in a desk area like the one that hides this house in white and beige must be very productive, since it seems to me the perfect place to get away from stress. Nothing is hostile, everything is bright and welcoming.

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On the shelf, which shares design with the kitchen, the owners of the house exhibit some pieces of inherited pottery. The leather chair in front of the desk It is also a curious and special object.

The bedroom, relaxation area

The master bedroom is a true sanctuary for the owners of the house. The space in which everything that involves stress, disorder, noise, distortion, fuss is forbidden ... Everything is serene there, from the colors to the materials.

The walls appear clean and well lit, with hardly any decorative details. The white bedding brings freshness and naturalness, and the Beni Ouram carpet the point of warmth and comfort.

The only detail that slightly breaks the simplicity of space is the sloping roof. As for the furniture, they are simple and practical, but also special. As the bedside tables, iron and wood.

Children's area: multipurpose space

The house only has one room for the children, who have to share. Luckily it's wide, able to accommodate different functions. There the children sleep, play, learn and keep their things.

This was possible thanks to the installation of the bunk beds, which free up space to be used for other purposes. So there are more meters to play, for example. Highlights the large wall of slate paint that gives them the little hours of fun.

To finish this tour of the house, we will take a look at one of the bathrooms. There white again dominates, although combined with a very special floor beige and with strokes and black drawings.

Surely by now you will be convinced that white and beige are not dull or boring colors, and that can serve to decorate with success. Everything depends on how they are used and with what they are combined.

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Photos: Emily henderson.