Samsung G Series RefrigeratorToday, space in homes is a precious commodity, the kitchen is the meeting point of many families and the appliances are essential so that every day everything goes smoothly.

Has it ever happened to you that you arrive with the purchase of the super and it does not fit in your fridge? Well now that problem will no longer be a concern, and is that the new Premium range of refrigerators Samsung Serie G has increased its capacity up 400 liters, giving it up to 60L more internal space but the same external measurements.

With greater flexibility in its adjustable compartments, maximum capacity and greater space, food will always be kept fresh, ready to be enjoyed at any time of the day and for the little ones in the house to have a snack with all its nutrients. The Zone 0º Real (CoolSelectZone) will provide a refrigerator drawer that will work independently and can choose three modes for food improvement: Zone 0ºC, ensures an optimum level of moisture in meat and fish, cold mode (3 ºC), ideal to keep fresh fruits and vegetables for longer and quick cooling, you can enjoy cold drinks up to 6 times faster, avoiding their freezing thanks to a built-in minutes 60 timer.

The new Samsung G series will flood your designer kitchen, a refrigerator with an elegant and functional line. Without overlooking, the ecological importance and energy consumption.

The G Series is categorized as a high energy efficiency appliance, thanks to the 5 smart sensors, its Digital Intever motor and the Samsung Smart Eco system that will automatically adjust the temperature and humidity levels of the refrigerator according to the needs.

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For large families, having a refrigerator with these characteristics means a multitude of benefits, thanks to its 60L extra capacity and maximum energy efficiency, which will be available in three labeling models (A +, A ++, A +++).

The smartest solution for your family has already arrived with the Samsung Serie-G refrigerators!