The values ​​of nature are in fashion and dictate trends in decoration and interior design.


Ecology, environmental preservation and sustainable development are concerns of our societies that become engines of ideas and concepts capable of inspiring new products and decorative solutions.

The need to preserve nature and awareness that natural resources are limited is that the action of man has to be altered to stop its abusive use, are keys that enter our daily life in the last decade, as well as the global awareness of Regarding the preservation of energy, fulfilling a whole hour of global blackout to relieve a little the tension of the planet. These ideas and trends have influenced all fields of artistic creation, from architecture to interior design.

In the specific case of the use of light, we seek to create spaces with more windows and an architecture that encourages the use of sunlight, for the corresponding energy savings.


For this reason there are many brands and designers who bet on the use of recyclable materials for the making of their pieces, with this the reduction of the negative impact of the design industry is achieved, beaten for many years by the use of exclusive materials, rare and in extinction for their most sought after decorations.

Currently the teams of decorators and professional decorators, are sensitive and are aware of this creative current called "eco design", and are accustomed to valorize the full potential of the reuse of raw materials, which obeys the general collective consciousness about the need to preserve the environment.

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These are values ​​that can be made achievable whenever our choice falls on pieces that call our attention to the green universe.