Many times we are forced to reserve a space in the house for work, converting it into: workshop, an office, a work corner, a study space ...

Today I propose to add a brushstroke of color to that space that you have reserved for yourself and for your work or studies. I also propose that this brushstroke of color you create with such a simple element and as usual in workplaces such as notes.
An easy, simple, economic and very useful proposal, since with the notes forming part of the decoration you will not forget any appointment, that important call that you must make or the event that you can not miss.

This is probably the most common option.
Un simple corch tableis able to add a note of color to your office, office or study area. Create an orderly kaos on your board with your notes to not forget that important thing you have to do. Any impression with an image that you like or inspire you or a magazine cut can help you achieve the effect you want and bring personality is your space.

You can modify this same idea by adding a vintage style frame or any style that matches your decoration. This small detail will contribute to the decoration in general style without dispensing with that "touch" of color that will bring the notes and cuts or impressions that you will add.

office with notice board

Other elements that can add color to your decoration are photographs or drawingsaccompany your notes. Decide where you will usually put your notes and add some photographs and drawings. After all, this space will be a place where you will spend a lot of time, so if those photographs and drawings bring you good memories and provoke in you pleasant sensations, much better, since not only will they bring a brushstroke of color, but They will also help you to feel more comfortable while you work or study.

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office with photos and drawings