Searching for images ideas that inspired me I arrived, I do not know very well how, even this image. Immediately the light was "switched on" and inspiration arrived.

heart on the wall

How not to be inspired with details so special and charming ?.

The truth is that many times we leave them walls in oblivion or we insist on placing elements that are supposed to be suitable for the wall. However, many times the simplest thing is capable of endowing the attractiveness that was lacking in that dismal wall, imprinting personality, originality and delicacy.

This is without a doubt the best example could illustrate what I say. Absolutely all the visual weight of this space, if you notice, falls on the corazón.
It is a simple gray heart painted on the wall. Despite its simplicity, this original detail has practically become the absolute protagonist of the space.

I advise you to let your imagination fly and bet on your own creativity, it will give you very good results, without a doubt.

In the case that I show you it is a very romantic big heart. However, keep in mind that the pattern used can be any and of course, the dimensions, too. You just have to adapt the design, size and colors to your decoration.
Can you think of a better detail to fill this room like the heart painted on the wall?

What are you waiting for? ... to create has been said.