Now pistachios have a lot to say, if you love, remember not to throw away the shells as these will help us make a beautiful centerpiece to give on Mother's Day ... or whichever you choose.

A perfect finish with natural materials and very easy acquisition. If you want to learn how to make this little flower arrangement that can be the center of our table, reading.

The materials that we will gather will be the following. Pistachio shells, all you can get. Plasticine that will help us fit the pistachios. Tree twigs, synthetic moss, a ribbon and glue.

First we will make a ball, of the dimensions that we want, with the plasticine. We can also use flexible dough. Once the ball is made, we will literally nail the pistachio shells. Fill the entire ball, and we put together some beautiful flowers.

Now we go to the second part of this original maneuverability. To make the base where our flower will be set, we will make a small churro with the plasticine and we will decorate it. Remember that it has to be quite thick so that we can locate our flower and keep it standing.

To decorate the base we stick the tree twigs we have collected. We stick them all around the base, so we give a much more natural look.

Finally we will look for a branch a little thicker and there we nail our flowers, remember that when assembled with plasticine we can assure them with total ease.

We will pinch all the flowers we have made, on the branch and we will nail it to the base of plasticine. Finally we can decorate the stem of our flower with artificial moss and a beautiful ribbon.

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