There are busy days that happen and we do not realize it until when they are finishing, which is the moment in which we really feel it, in the feet, in the hands, in the back, by the state of our nerves and our hairstyle . These are key days, generally, because encounters, presentations, endings or important beginnings occur for us, in any aspect, but they mark a change, small or big.

Sometimes, when the 24 hours of the day are not enough to do everything you have to do besides sleeping, eating and showering, it is essential to draw up a list of priorities and discard the least important. The first thing to remove from the agenda in the bathroom, with which we wash our teeth and face is enough, and with that we saved at least an hour. We could subtract a few hours of sleep and perhaps change the breakfast for a hurry coffee and lunch for a sandwich at noon, when we will surely be in full activity. But please, let's not stop eating.

For an elegant woman an elegant solution. The TUPPER WARE design house has within its products the FASHION lunch box that is more like a high fashion accessory than a food basket. All the elements are manufactured with the exclusive CRYSTALWARE, which ensures beauty, cleanliness and durability. The thermos has capacity of 16 ounces of storage, the tupper is four and a half cups, also has its own spoon and, best, the case looks like a portfolio of Carrie Bradshaw.

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