If we choose wood as material to dress our floor, already knowing its advantages and disadvantages, in this article we will give a review Some examples with which we can count as option or suggestion for the same.

We've talked before about the wooden floors and the decision to put them or not in our apartment. But the choice of the type of wood we want to put is something different.

The "Parquet" or "Parquet", without a doubt, it is the most delicate choice. The installation of it is based on small sheets of wood that form a decorative motif. These sheets are placed on the cement with carpenter's glue.

If we want to put parquet we should know that the stay, where it is going to be put, should be completely evicted and uninhabited for a few days; This is because the varnish applied to the same floor, after installation, gives off a very noxious aroma.

El Park needs care, since a house with a lot of traffic can deteriorate it a lot; but if you are careful and these cares are respected It can last a lifetime. The ideal would be sanding and varnishing the parquet every so often, between five and ten years.

"Floating floors" This type of soil is one of the most comfortable choices since by not entering contact directly on the ground the pieces of the pallet go glued together and mounted on battens.

In this way it is much easier replace the sheets that are in poor condition by others. Its price is highest that parquet, but many people decide to put it as it is a very comfortable system.

For our choice of this type of wood, we must think or choose how many sheets we want each table to have of the stage. The most general are about two or three sheets per board; The larger the number of sheets, the wider the result of the piece will be so the price goes up

La pallet It is usually from conventional wood but there are types of new materials «Thermolaminated«; more resistant to domestic use.

The choice of our floor will have a lot to do with the needs and the style we want to create at home. The most common woods such as beech or cherry They are cheaper; the tropical ones are more resistant to humidity but they are more expensive.

As you can see, our soil has a lot to say.