It is time to change our consumption habits, or at least to reduce them, and begin to educate ourselves in an ecological way of assuming our presence on the planet. It is known that in the current situation we have serious problems with climate change caused by global overheating and that we are obliged to reduce the pollution that our simple existence produces. Emissionconsidered carbon dioxide, creating thousands of tons per day of non-biodegradable waste such as plastics and radioactive materials (batteries, appliances) are realities that we must consider when decorating and living in our home. It is time to change our attitude and take action on the consequences of our interaction with the world.


Special attention we can take with the subject of electric power that we use in daily life. Our family consumes all the time this resource that costs so much the health of the land, the appliances, the lighting, the heating, they are accessories that allow us to live a comfortable life and although we can not stop using them if we can vary the way in which we use them. For example, we can use low-power LED electricity or use solar energy at any time, which is also free and completely clean. Let's start with the BAMBOO watch, designed by the DIRT design house, which works with solar energy, even though the night has fallen. It has alarm functions and its technology is digital. You can buy it on the website