Feel at work as if you were at home. It is the motto that promotes the concept Slow Homeoffice. A movement where decoration and interior design become the best allies to create home workspaces. Do you know him? In this post we reveal its keys.

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The motion Slow linked to the work environment. It is a reality that has worked wonders when it comes to decorating our domestic stays and as a way of life. Why not move it to those spaces where we spend so many hours of our life? The challenge is worth it: to give life to home work spaces, which make us feel as if we were at home.

Home workspaces: domestic welfare

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After the proposal to create home workspaces there is a professional project perfectly studied and based on experience. In particular, the Emme Studio team is the architect of the Slow Homeoffice concept. His philosophy is to transfer the well-being that domestic interiors transmit to offices. Including all decorative keys that make it possible to enjoy that feeling. Interesting, is not it?

The members of Emme Studio started from several very obvious facts. Nobody doubts that the offices are becoming more aesthetically pleasing. Nor that from a functional point of view most are efficient spaces. However, very few enjoy the comfort of modern homes. Therefore, the challenge was to incorporate into the workplace domestic environments with the same spirit and philosophy. That is to say, design spaces of working homely able to promote productivity, confidence and closeness. And everything so that people feel at home.

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The keys of a nearby and family office

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Decoration and interior design are essential tools to conceive home workspaces. Without losing sight of the sense of functionality that should prevail in them. But making them much more friendly and in tune with our aesthetic tastes. From the type of furniture, to our preferred materials and finishes. Even the last color palette with which we have dressed our house can be reflected in these home workspaces.

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As a starting point, nothing like versatile furniture and a very practical design to start shaping those desirable home work spaces. Create shared zones, conceived as the soul of the office, It can be the perfect starting point. Posed for two or four jobs, depending on the available space and needs, they are an ideal solution for several reasons. The first is that they generate more closeness and complicity between people, as well as a more vivid atmosphere. As our canteens Of diary. Y the second is that they leave the walls of the office clear. So we can think of them to create storage areas, essential in home workspaces.

There are many ways to design these cores without the need to make large economic investments. Some wooden boards and some easels are enough to compose the number of tables that are needed. Even the wood kitchen countertops they are a very important option, especially if we prefer to have a continuous surface. In addition to practices, is the ideal material when we seek to surround ourselves with warmth in our home workspaces.

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Versatile areas full of charm

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In home workspaces bet on a versatile decoration It is the best decision to achieve our mission. It will give us pleasant surprises, as add an endearing flavor to environments and create zones with a lot of charm. In particular, those much needed storage points office They can look a lot more domestic and decorative.

Surely you're wondering how. The kitchen cabinets with light wood and glass doors are a fantastic alternative to the typical metal shelves, more cold and impersonal. With them it is easy to compose towers, horizontal furniture as if they were sideboards, etc. Definitely, its presence helps create cozy atmospheres, where it is easier to concentrate and feel that desired domestic well-being.

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And how to make the meeting area stop being that corner without any aesthetic grace? Again the domestic decoration can inspire us to achieve a more vivid atmosphere. And totally versatile in its activities. Maybe the best idea is condition it with a modern and functional kitchen table, which also serves to receive our customers. Thus we will have a small dining room, so basic for day to day. In addition to being the place par excellence to have a coffee at mid-morning, and even an auxiliary position at a given time.

To complete the set, just missing retro style chairs, or modern, combined with other types of seats, as stools and small banks of vegetable fibers. Y as a final touch, goodbye to chromatic uniformity. Mixing opposite colors, such as black and white, or betting on our favorite tones are great formulas to personalize environments. Another way to enjoy home workspaces.

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The decorative details that add personality

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There are many more ideas that promote this transformation in our workplace. And the way to illuminate your environment is one of them. We can install a fan with LED lights to achieve an abundant general and personal light. That in passing will relieve the high summer temperatures. Or if we like the minimalist design, illuminate with decorative light bulbs of rope or steel. What a spectacular change.

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Attentive to the small details. They will put the finishing touch to realize our mission to create home workspaces. Slates to make notes, photographic compositions to make murals on the walls. And vegetable nooks with cactus or indoor plants. Just like those in your house.
Do you sign up for this new concept?