September begins and we return on vacation, our life walks its usual path again, the children's school, work appointments, the office, the home. It is time to take a look at what has happened to us and clarify the perspective of what awaits us; it is time to find a place to store the objects that have remained of the season that happened and prepare to preserve what we will soon have in our hands. Discs, books, maps, photos, everything must be ordered and the place we choose to keep it must be special and unique. We want an ideal place for our favorite memories.


A unique shelf is PLUS, manufactured by the design house NAUGHONE, which in addition to being perfectly built has a surprising peculiarity: its shape resembles a "more" and its shelves are rotated 45 degrees. PLUS has five storage spaces, each one is a perfect square, so you can place a wide variety of objects. In addition, it is possible to put the doors or remove them, giving us the possibility of reinventing the furniture whenever we want. It can be finished in glossy and opaque and in eight different colors. We can acquire it by visiting the website