As ancient inhabitants of the bottom of the ocean, flatfish have suffered multiple transformations related to their evolution that have allowed them to adapt to changes in their ecosystems. In fact, one of its most notable transformations is the one related to its flat shape and the position of its eyes at 90 degrees one on the other on one of its flat sides, which allows them to remain stuck to the ground without losing sight of the environment. His body has some asymmetry but it is the region of the brain that protrudes in a way and his skin is camouflaged with the colors of sand or stones on the sea floor.


The proposal of the FLATFISH collection of the design house DESIGNERS AT LARGE is a metaphor for the evolution of flatfish from the deep ocean. They try to adapt to the environments according to the needs, going from being a coffee table to a chair for guests with just turning their pieces. It is built in FSC plywood and molded. It is flexible, light, which makes it possible for us to transform it continuously and enjoy its modifications. The development of the furniture design market for small spaces has enabled us to have a comfortable, beautiful functional space in a few meters. The FLATFISH No. 1 design proposes a chair that turns into a tea table. The More information to the Web page