Our house is our refuge, and although this phrase may sound cliché, it is still true, and what better place to rest and recharge batteries than our bedroom.

Thinking directly about the possibilities and characteristics of this unique environment we collect some ideas to decorate your room that can be very interesting.

Ideas to decorate your bedroom

If in fact we think that a third of our life is destined to sleep, our bed without a doubt place is of vital importance.

Thus, the latest trends in interior decoration dictate that the beds should be low, spacious and comfortable.

The design is somewhat decorated with is visible in the two examples of the Italian Xam line:

clip_image001 [4]clip_image002

Illuminate space

The lighting in the rooms is crucial, although often neglected.

In general, we do not give great importance to the light that we put on the head of our bed, which goes unnoticed in our day to day and can become a central decoration object in our room.

In this case, we find a Gubi proposal which edits luminaries that may seem outdated and makes them a highly interesting option.

Another clear example of outstanding luminaires for our room is the Mrs. Spock model by Bover.

clip_image002 [4]clip_image002 [6]

Although in the environment of the bed you can opt for a more sophisticated original solution, such as the placement of a panel on the ceiling using as a resource the implementation of LEDs.

The solution is already marketed by the famous French brand Saitec, which in its model Dipline simulates a starry sky on the bed.

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Dress our room

To dress our space giving a comfortable and personalized, you can opt for the implementation of a printed fabric widely used today.

At the same time, the implementation of side mats with different motifs is a not inconsiderable alternative, especially if they are designed by the artist Javier Mariscal which has incredible models distributed by the Spanish company Nani Marquina.

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Large rooms small luxuries

If the size of your room is considered generous, enough to allow small luxuries, it would not hurt the implementation of accessories that optimize your free time by doing a little exercise.

clip_image002 [14]clip_image002 [16]

Mirrors reflecting comfort

Mirrors are another type of accessories that you can implement in your room as a form of small luxuries, which can only fulfill their function or in concert as the Domino mirror line does, which manages to turn your mirror into a practical shoe store.

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