The bedroom is one of the rooms of the most intimate, reserved, private house. It is perhaps one of the keys of our rest and for that reason it is absolutely necessary to feel comfortable in it, to achieve, through the decoration that it becomes a comfortable and cozy space.

romantic room

If you like modern decor but you can not help but fall in love with the environments with romantic reminiscences, here are some ideas that will help you get that romantic touch in your bedroom.

Many times we have talked about color and its effects and in this case, the combination of colors is also important to achieve our goal.
Pastel shades and neutral colors are perhaps the ones that will help us to achieve a romantic atmosphere. In addition, in the rooms it is recommended to avoid intense colors, as they produce an effect of altering the mood and what we are looking for is precisely the opposite, to create a relaxed atmosphere.

The furniture is also very important. Comfortable and vintage style bedside tables, four-poster beds, etc., will be of great help to get a romantic space.

If there is something to which we should pay special attention, those are the small details, the complements, since in this case more than ever they are vital.

romantic bedroom

For example, with a simple chandelier you will be able to completely change the atmosphere and bring that romantic wink you are looking for. In addition, the elegance of this type of lamps does not go unnoticed. They will also help you: candles, chandeliers, table lamps, flowers ...

And do not forget the textiles. Pay special attention to textures and patterns. Without a doubt, some detail of lace and floral prints are classic and never fail. Also with this combination, getting a romantic touch is assured.

room with romantic decoration