We present some flirtatious and practical ideas to decorate bedrooms in purple. Although the color used to be little appreciated in the past, because it is considered excessively colorful and that in some tones it can result, if you choose it is very clear, too ordinary or vulgar. But the new shades and the improvement of the color and brilliance of this color, allowed that some time ago it will be positioned as an ideal color for decoration, especially for children.

That choose the purple color for a purple children's bedroom, It is the result of the good combination of many tones of the same or charming contrasts with white, black and others, and of course the elements also count when renovating the bedroom or decorating it for the first time. You have to choose pastel shades for wider areas of color and contrasts or more intense purple color for smaller areas or elements, there is the detail as it says.

And in these ideas for decorating purple bedrooms you will notice the great combination of tonalities and contrasts in colors such as black, yellow or red and clear thematic trends of children's decoration that takes advantage of this color to build a cheerful and colorful decoration for an environment that should always be vibrant, bouncy, as is the bedroom of the girl of the house.

And of course, as we said before, the elements play a vital role, it is in them where you must apply the most intense tones so the best thing is that you are thinking, if you decide for the purple, to take time to choose the decorative elements because in them there is much to take advantage of when decorating with purple or purple, you do not have to be shy with colors and this color can be a great choice, sure you hit in beautiful combinations and decorative applications.