Nowadays in the small apartments, no matter how beautiful they are, there is not as much space as in the manor houses for decorate the bedroom of the kids. But that does not mean that we can not take full advantage to achieve an attractive and comfortable environment, especially colorful, because we can resort to modular furniture, every time more attractive and helpful. And even if they are perfect, we have to take into account that security must be followed closely, they must be furniture that is always comfortable and safe because attractiveness is vital but not the most important.

Given the security requirements, we can opt for the most beautiful colors such as lilac, red, blue, blue, pink, and of course the natural color of wood. This leads us to think if we want children's bedrooms with modular of wood or new materials that are presented. The wood is more durable, resists a lot and maintains its appearance even more, it is more expensive but while the child needs that furniture it will serve well.

On the other hand, how much space should be reduced, although we already have a small space and therefore we want decorate the children's bedroom with modular, true is that we should not be excessive in limiting because the child may not feel comfortable and may also stop being fast functional must bear in mind this, we plan to serve a few years. And of course we must also leave open spaces that is what we are looking for.

Not only give amplitude by reducing the place furnished, but also leave room for play, to move, to lie on the floor and paint, draw, everything that children find attractive when playing games, so the bedroom looks attractive , be sure and look great.