La decor of girls dormitories, is one of the decorative tasks that we enjoy the most, because it is an environment that sums up all the coquetry and all the color that identifies a girl. Mostly we opted for tradition, for the color pink as a fundamental part of the bedroom decoration for either a small girl that for a young teenager, varies little, just toys, but we can create cozy environments where they feel comfortable and It looks very good.

It is true that in our space you will find many proposals for decoration of children's bedrooms, but it is always good to see something else, especially if what you like is the pink in all its variants and you have thought about a specific environment that we propose to you today you will love it. It is a decoration in pink that remembers the best children's stories because it always makes us think that the rose, or not? Above all because it is an environment inspired by the famous character of Barbie.

This decoration is good for a little girl's room, and you can find many furniture and other details that adapt to the theme and are versatile. You should not engage too much in the details, just a few, because you should bear in mind that the girl will grow at some point and you should leave aside the decoration of a little girl to enter a teenage environment.

And for the teenager who will one day inhabit the room, we also have a suggestion, a beautiful environment based on modular and that resorts to pink although enhanced with other colors, it is a romantic bedroom of young girl but functional and practical because it leaves room to move and Do a thousand things without breaking the harmony of a great youthful decoration. In one as in another the pink is beautifully used.