Sometime has happened to us that while we are sitting in a chair with wheels we feel encouraged to walk rolling on the floor, we go from wall to wall, reliving our infantile energy, and we end up walking through all the space where we are. Well, drawing with chairs is now possible!

Terrible consequences can make this behavior so funny: we could have scratched the wood all over the place without realizing it; We could have marked the Persian carpet in the living room; We could even have broken a vase while we were running out of control. The exercise is so similar to drawing with ink that it can almost be irreversible in the park of our mother's house.

draw with chairs

With the aim of taking advantage of this playful and harmful child behavior, the British designer PHIIPPE MALOUIN has investigated these characteristics of wheelchairs and has created a revolutionary element, a mixture of chair, skateboard and ballpoint pen.

His idea has been to turn the wheels of the chair into giant pens, four parallels, and allow, by means of displacement, to draw on large surfaces. Each of the legs is an independent ink tank so it is possible to have four colors in our drawing, in addition, the intensity of the lines can be defined according to the distribution of the weight that we make. This, without a doubt, is an excellent engine for the creativity of the boys, a muscle relaxant for the big boys and a method of punishment for those who suffer from vertigo.

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