The Dutch firm Sentavi he has launched his system Sunshower Twin, a revolutionary system to achieve tanning while taking a shower. Previously I had designed Sunshower, a shower that incorporated a panel of UVA rays, but in Twin the two panels allow to achieve a more uniform and quick tan.


Although especially healthy since it stimulates the production of Vitamin D in the body and protects the skin from double UV filters.

The device combines filters, lights and reflectors to wrap the body and uses lamps Phillips Cleo Swift with five lights of 400 watt per unit. Since February the distributor Natural Logistics is responsible for bringing Sunshower Twins to all corners of Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

More information: Sentavi

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  1. good afternoon as they are .. I want to open a solarium, I want to buy showers for tanning, good and cheap, not expensive, but that meet the demands of the Santa Cruz woman.
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