You just have to take a first look to see that this is not a conventional table. His name is THE A and it is a work of the Bulgarian designer Jovo Bozhinovski of Elza Design.

It is made of fiberglass, and the peculiarity of its design not only lies in the fact that it does not have four legs, but also hangs on the wall through two cables that are those that hold it so that it does not fall , in addition to leaning on two legs that make a stop with the wall so that it does not move.

In spite of being so minimalist, it also keeps a hidden corner for storage, a small tray that is extracted from under the table, reclining and revealing some "drawers" to store accessories and books. Then it closes again thanks to hydraulic springs and the tray disappears as if there were nothing.

At the other end also attached power cords, network cable connectors to connect the Internet, phone cable and USB ports, a luxury so we do not have to go looking for plugs around the house or putting power strips to plug all our knickknacks, because it has already been incorporated.

It is a very large and resistant table, although we should make sure that it is secured to a wall with consistency and holding the nails and handles attached.

Further information: Jovo Bozhinovski