The garden in a very special place in our house is the space in which we connect with nature; the earth, the vegetation, the air, the water, can be present in our small natural reserve. During the day we enjoy the sun and the fresh air, we lie on the chairs and warm our bodies and our spirits. In the night we observe the stars, we nourish ourselves with the pure nocturnal air and listen to the sounds of darkness. The children enjoy it as if they were in the field, we can plant our favorite plants in our own garden and the best barbecues, in which the whole family gathers, take place here.


In this ecological space it is worthwhile to have a conservative and respectful attitude towards the environment and to start up this intention the best thing would be to start using lamps that do not use electrical energy. The FL01Y solar energy lamp is powered by solar energy, which charges its batteries during the day and transforms it into light for eight hours. Not only is it not necessary to perform any type of installation to make it work, but there will be no need to change light bulbs and we will not even have to think about activating them, since they are photosensitive and at the moment of the absence of light they start automatically. To acquire it we can visit

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  1. Hello! we are interested in their products specifically in solar lighting for outdoor gardens, swimming pools etc, I would like to know where they are located and a phone number to contact them:. thank you

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