It is essential in every home to have a specific place to store medicines. Some people reserve a shelf in a high cabinet, but this solution is often wrong because, having more space is easier to fall into disorder and even lose sight of some medicines, although it is possible to keep them out of reach and from the sight of children.

The important thing is to choose the right place and adapt the place to what is going to be stored in it. That is why, when it comes to "designing" the first-aid kit, it is necessary to have enough compartments to store what, due to its size, can be lost, such as boxes of small pills, or small bottles such as eye drops or saline solution. individual doses. It must be borne in mind that in a first aid kit not everything is stackable, such as cans of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and other cans of different heights and thicknesses, for which the space must be different than the one needed for the thermometer, the tweezers or the scissors, narrow and elongated.