The room is the space of socialization par excellence, in it we gather the family members to tell us our day to day when the night has arrived and the time to sleep is close. We also meet with our friends and guests to take a small snack, listen to music while we talk with our extended family that comes to visit or with our most dear companions. We take tea in the afternoon, read the newspaper on weekends, watch television and fill out the crossword puzzle in a pleasant moment of leisure in the living room; no detail is excessive to make it a space for relaxation and meditation. Generally we have our books, our photos, our discs there; if the room is made to rest, the room is ready to act.

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The lighting of the living room is essential to achieve the atmosphere of warmth, confidence and trust that we need to have there and to achieve it we must bear in mind that any lamp we choose must comply mainly with its function, it must also be beautiful and discreet. A good option to meet this need is the HEAVEN / SOIL LAMP model from the Japanese design house LEIF-DESIGNPARK. This lamp was designed in the inspiration and combination of an efficient and functional proposal and the sculptural beauty that represents the clouds of the sky. This is an experimental piece made to be used on a coffee table as a base. More information on the website