Color is a fundamental aspect of interior decoration. It is undoubtedly one of the bases of decoration.

The color in the decoration

Color has the ability to visually modify a room, making it appear narrower or wider, higher or lower, wider or narrower, etc.
When it comes to decorating, having an element that is capable of easily changing the appearance of an environment is very useful, especially in cases where the dimensions are not what we would like the most.

In any case, the colors not only have the power and the ability to modify the visual aspect, it also greatly influences the mood. Through color we can enhance vitality, cause sleep, promote concentration or otherwise, stimulate creativity, create restlessness or feeling overwhelmed ...

It is for all the above that the perfect color depends on each room of the house, what will be its use, the style of decoration in general, etc. And the truth is that sometimes this task becomes somewhat complicated.

To try to turn the choice of colors into a little more simple task, here are some tips:

  • The lighting before the color is very important. Any chosen shade can look different depending on the type and amount of light. Do not forget this point and watch that the lighting is always adequate for the result to be what you want.
  • Avoid using too many colors.
  • The intense colors combine perfectly with pastel or neutral tones. The best thing is that you try to apply the intense colors only to the details, thus avoiding creating a feeling of overwhelm.
  • Before rooms with low light, keep in mind that light colors will help you to illuminate any space.