The art of decoration is also fashion: it is renewed, it is reinvented, it evolves ...

yellow citrus

In the decoration the new tendencies do not arrive each season only from the hand of furniture and complements or decorative elements, but that colors They also have a lot to say.
It is less than a month before the new year arrives, so today we are going to show you what will be the star color in decoration in the 2011.

citric yellow room

If being "up to date" is a necessity for you, your walls next year will be dressed in freshness, light and joy.
Said in a "chic" language, the must of the new years that is almost around the corner is the yellow citrus, Specially in soft tones, a color that has been a greenish yellow.

It is a color that transmits joy, vitality and freshness, but also relaxation.

A "lemon touch»That will undoubtedly combine perfectly with white, brown, beige, any tone of the earth range, even with a great variety of green or gray colors. The woods with medium and dark tones also represent an ideal combination for this color.

citrus yellow lounge

Combinations, possibilities and advantages offer us many, the rest depends on the tastes of each one:
- Will bring lighting to decoration
- Transmits very good feeling: above all joy and vitality, but without exceeding the limits, which allows you to also transmit feeling relaxation and tranquility.
- Its a color suitable for any space. It is ideal for resting spaces, such as rooms, as it is not, far from it. In areas where cleaning is especially important, such as the kitchen or bathroom, this color will enhance the feeling of cleanliness. It is also ideal for living areas, dining rooms, reception rooms, etc. since this color is able to add personality and a "touch" of joy.


  1. A sweet and happy color at the same time, depending on the type of wood that accompanies them, the effect is different. I write citrus yellow on my color chart.
    congratulations and greetings

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