At home or in our office, it never hurts to generate a big change, it fills us with new energies, it can modify our routines and, according to what we propose, our mood. Many times we resort to what we have more at hand such as rearranging the furniture or put some plant. We changed the place of chairs, tables, tables, appliances and really got what we want. But, could we do something else without investing a lot of physical energy, time and money? The answer is yes, it is in our hands to generate a great variation even without having to change the order of anything, just by putting a COLLAPSE PAPER on a wall.


Wallpapers there are many but not very varied. We find the complete chromatic spectrum, which allows us to have walls of different colors from each other, also to cut a wall into strips of color - horizontally it is the most usual. But everything ends in this and we have little else, like some papers with diamond or floral designs, like those in the bathrooms and kitchens of grandmother's houses.

But do not lose heart, there is already the ideal wallpaper for our home or office, with designs as flashy as risky and just so that, with covering a single wall, the contrast is created and the update occurs. As a work of art these roles decorate and revitalize the space. The Turkish design house STUDIO NOMMO has dream wallpapers, even allows us, with the help of an expert, to design the one that best suits our needs. More information at


  1. I really like these designs and I would be guided to work in my house, but I need to know how they carry out their work and in what part of the republic they are, I am in the state of Mexico.

  2. I really like the idea of ​​wallpaper and k there are many of them in the market, but not in all countries eg. The same with Stencils k there are to die. But you can also use geometric shapes of different shapes and sizes in MDF and k have a three-dimensional look. It is only a suggestion because I have experienced them and they have given me excellent results, and I would like to know your opinion. Thank you.

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