Followers and enthusiasts of the Feng ShuiThey firmly believe that the organization and decoration of their house or homes directly influences their mood and even the energies they are able to attract to themselves and their lives.

The children's rooms They are not an exception to the previous belief. Feng Shui is used, also in children's rooms, with the aim of encouraging relaxation, encouraging balance and attracting good energies and vibrations.

Children's room

To achieve the desired balance the first step is to take a general look at everything that surrounds the child when he is in his room and then assess the child's life. An example: if the child has problems of concentration or if it is too restless, the ideal would be to introduce a room in your room that encourages very soft, that invites relaxation and that enhances concentration. To do this, we will use soft colors, soft and delicate fabrics, adequate lighting, we will set the mood with soothing sounds, etc.

Below I will list some basic and general aspects that allow achieving balance and provide security to the child:

  1. Place the head board of the bed against the wall will make the child feel much safer.
  2. Another aspect that brings security to children is the lighting. For this reason it is advisable that the child can, when entering your room, easily turn on the light and also that you can turn it on and off easily from your bed.
  3. Maintain constantly the order in the child's room will avoid alterations in their mood.
  4. Avoid the colors excessively intense and bright, the room is mainly a resting area and, this type of colors do not favor sleep or rest.
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