I do not understand why I like to take care of people and the things that I have affection for. I had a dog that was a mix between something and people that I loved very much and my family too. I also have plants that are living things that I care for and that I can assure are sentimental. I like to put them on the ground if I make them leafy, also on the tables, if they are flowery. In my house as a child it was customary to have two pterophytas, or elechos, hanging from the roofs of an open-air garage.

Right now I am thinking of buying a floor plan, I must put it in an airy and ventilated place. I want one with large leaves, that is leafy and dark. The pot I want white, a little retro seventies. This for the living room, I'll put it in a corner. I begin to be surprised when I realize that what I originally look for what I find there is a big difference, very positive.


I found one with a retro futuristic look and that has in its favor that they work as indoor air filters. The HVF robot vacuum cleaner works by using hydrogen cells. This energy produces water which causes the vacuum to capture air pollution at home. The plants use these two components when they grow up so this robot can be a mace already with a plant. When the plant has grown a lot you only have to cut two or three flowers and it is still useful and beautiful. The HYDROGEN VEGETAL FEEDER design designed by VANDENBUSSCHE GREGOIRE is a French proposal that will come home. More information on the Website www.greg-garden.com