El polished concrete It is becoming an increasingly chosen option for pavements and, as I happen to be with everything, as it develops, new techniques and models to be used are appearing. Talking about a cement model can be a bit daring, but this time we are talking about colors.

Microcement It is a smooth, cementitious and polymeric coating that is distinguished by its strength and versatility. It only has only a few millimeters thick and is ideal for renovation works as it is not necessary to modify the base surfaces and has a great capacity of adherence to any material, saving time and money. You can choose any combination of colors for the surface, create shapes and designs or insert drawings. Each floor will be unique and different from the others.

In Spain there are already several companies that are dedicated to this type of paving and we can find a great variety of models and prices. One of them is the company ca

Further information: Topcret

Vía: modayhogar.com


  1. the microcemento is a good option to be able to make good designs of decoration in homes

  2. Hello, I have a painting company and I am interested in including this decoration in my work, I would like to know where you could inform me about this product so I can apply it.
    Thank you.

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