Time, increasingly elusive, imposes its rhythm and our daily life, more and more intense, must be coupled with the little of its extension and the rapidity of its passage. Many times we must decide between taking meals or moving, sometimes we eat while we walk, have dinner and at the time we negotiate, have breakfast and plan a project. If the day had 25 hours it is sure that we would not sleep more but we would be able to win 30 more minutes in the morning to be with the children, and 30 minutes at night to be with our partners.

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We arrive home and the first thing we do is unload ourselves and our heritage, in the first place we find. But as soon as we have taken a breath our multitasking spirit forces us to think about what we could do while we are resting and the answer is there: have a drink.

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Without having to get up from the chair we can enjoy that pleasant moment. The coffee table DELUXE COFFE, designed in the seventies by WILLY RIZZO, has a very useful bar: cooler, bottle racks and lamps are incorporated and by hand with just open the table. My heart opens when the crystal of my glass settles on this beautiful table. More information on the Website www.city-furniture.be