If we think of an evocation of Paris the last thing we think is in it as a modern city, as far as structures and buildings are concerned. Paris is romanticism, it's charming neighborhoods, it's the Eiffel Tower, the Moulin Rouge, Montmartre, Notredame or the Louvre. It is also current buildings, but this time we refer to another type of buildings, another type of project.

But, if we imagine the Paris of the future, what would it be like? Will it still be the same as now? For ten architects already have a vision of that future and have presented their projects to Nicolas Sarkozy. The President wants to transform the French capital into the "Capital of the nineteenth century" and that is why he has presented a contest of urban projects to look for that vision.

Ecological visions, natural laboratories, elevated trains, marine metropolis, archipelago of ecological cities, etc ... are the proposals received. Of course, the city will not change its emblematic places, but if the project continues, it will be integrated into a somewhat different urban structure.

These are some of the proposals (only on paper) of the «new Paris». And you, what do you think? Would you change the current Paris?

Vía: ABC