The receivers that have to be located in a corridor, especially those that also have to be installed in narrow corridors, present a great difficulty when it comes to decorating them. The first of the difficulties that we find when decorating or enabling this type of receivers is the impossibility of placing furniture. However, the case is not lost ...


Before starting decorate we must take into account a "norm": the narrower the corridor in which the hall will be located, the clearer the area must be.
There are two fundamental reasons that oblige us to take this rule into account. The first reason is a matter of functionality, if the corridor is narrow and above is loaded with furniture y Decorative elements, comfort and functionality will disappear. The second reason is a matter of aesthetics, the clearer the area is, the greater the visual sensation of amplitude.

Placing large and bulky furniture, in these cases, is not viable. If you need an area in which to leave the keys, the bag and all that we always carry on and you need to have on hand when entering and leaving the house, you should bet on a narrow bookcase, an booth also very narrow, etc.
In front of this type of corridor, we have to choose to add grace and charm through the decor although, without losing square meters. To achieve this goal, our best allies will be: the paint, the wallpaper, the stickers, paintings, mirrors, small baskets on the floor, wall hangers or hangers... All these elements will add an original and personal "touch" to the decoration.

Taking into account all tips previous, if you face the decoration of a hall in the hall, surely the result is ideal.