Simplicity and elegance are once again the visible face of the German Zeitraum Möbel, specialist in wood.

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We speak of a company, distinguished by the avant-garde and the implementation of quality materials, in this case the German decides to take the path of wood highlighting and enhancing pieces of furniture with aesthetic finishes of excellence applicable to virtually any trend with unique functionality.

Is that for this furniture designer the handling of wood does not seem to be foreign, it takes more than 20 years exploiting its virtues, although this new collection brings us models in its purest form.

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Extremely decanted and purified are the models that try to implement this year Zeitraum Moblé, the collection is based on a series of furniture, which manages to adapt to the different spaces in a subtle way, providing beauty in every corner.

Thus we will find furniture for living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms all framed in the nobility and particular beauty of its raw material in its purest state

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Outstanding for its lines, which seek transgression but are based on a classic style, without too much personalization of the pieces, make practical and functional furniture, the beauty of the wood manages to blend with its natural characteristics of robustness and high durability forming pieces of furniture of incomparable attributes.

Within the particularities of this collection, we will notice that the raw material implemented is of the highest quality, and the design seeks to rescue from the antipodes of the furniture conformation the most outstanding pieces for their functionality bringing them to this present, demanding and avant-garde, with fine and delicate lines but true to its essence.