On special occasions we must receive extraordinary people at home, of great importance for our work, personal or family life. Dinners, meals, a drink or a soccer game are moments that serve as an excuse to share our ideas, propose new projects, remember the past or get to know our guests a bit more, with the intention of strengthening unions and showing sympathy and attention towards they. It is at these times when the work as a decorator that you have made in your home is exhibited and qualified: the beautiful furniture of the living room and the dining room that you have chosen and searched for years, the flowers and their vases, the lamps, the paintings, the good selected and equipped that you have your kitchen and your bathrooms. Your house is your work and it has a cover letter.


The object that receives the guests, the first that gives them help and makes them feel comfortable and welcomed is the coat rack, so you have to take special consideration when choosing one. We must impact with its design and everything is in our favor because it is a piece that is not usually very expensive and there are many versatile and very funny styles.

The BEAT rack, from the British design house COLLIN O'DOWD, is as useful as its striking design that resembles the graph of a heart rate. It is in different colors such as green, red, gray and black and has plenty of place to hang on it purses, coats, umbrellas and hats. The comment of who comes to your home will be: good rhythm has the heart of this home. More information on the website www.colinodowd.com/beat.htm