The weekends are to rest if you can and if you can not also, it should be sacred and we have no more tasks to do what we want and is that today I feel that I have no desire to clean at all, but As you do not encourage me, Halloween decoration will be free.

In the XXI century women continue to carry the burden of cleaning and maintenance of the home practically one hundred percent, various studies ensure that 7 of each 10 men do not collaborate at all in the housework, which is a significant fact to these heights, and I say if seeing the advances that there are to carry out these tasks would not be animated, look for example this mop robot with which we can have the house clean without moving a finger, just put the water and soap, give the switch and sit on the sofa if you want to see how it works for you.

Vacuum cleaner robot

The Scooba 385 robot picks up the dirt, always cleans with clean water unlike the mop, mops the floor with its built-in brush and finally dries the floor, moving around the house like a remote-controlled car, reason why more than one person convinces and He liked me.