It has not been easy to get used to living under the feeling of vertigo that the cities produce and I recognize it by saying also that it has been my own decision to live in them. I have already changed city several times and each time I locate myself in a bigger and more powerful one. Pollution, insecurity, high costs, little time, some loneliness and a lot of anxiety produces the city and in any case I can not think of turning back and being calm again. It may be a fear of feeling bored.

Even if I do not go to the theater every day, it is not usual in cinemas, discos, bars, shops, markets or museums, I always want to be able to use them when and with whom I want. I need to feel the movement close even though I am not part of it, or at least not actively.

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After a busy day, in which I think tentatively about going to live in the mountains, in a cabin, accompanied by skunks and raccoons, I arrive home, throw my wallet, drink a glass of water and lie down on the retro sofa of the room. A long time took me to find it perfect: three positions, very good size, leather upholstered and so comfortable that any kind of stress disappears just by lying on it and close your eyes. The design is original from the seventies. More information on the Website