For several years now, the landline, with which we had lengthy conversations with friends of the institute, began to disappear from our environment and become only an accessory that is included with the ADSL line, which we use to be connected to the Internet. The mobiles became our main tool to contact other people and the computer acts as a telephone when the calls are abroad and it is very expensive to make them with the one we keep in the wallet. This last situation proposes a new niche that readapts the use of a fixed telephone in our home, using it again but with a line that works in a network. The proposal is to connect the device to the computer of our house, reducing costs and facilitating its use. We have never been very satisfied with the microphone, the headphones and the sound of the speakers to make calls.


The PAPPA phone is a piece of exquisite Canadian design, very simple but full of character and solidity, which has been updated to be compatible with the communication technologies of the 21st century. It is made of cedar wood and gold metal pieces, which undoubtedly refers to the retro style of the seventies. No need to install additional computer programs, just by connecting it to a USB port, it can be used to make calls by Skipe, iChat, Google Talk, Vonage and Yahoo. It works in PC environments such as MAC. This luxury element that looks simple and compact, is manufactured manually by the design house FURNI, located in Montreal, and has been conceived by the internationally recognized creator HULGER. More information at