My mother, when you were barely 16 years old and finished studying the Institute, told me that work dignifies. I really did not understand what his desire was that I, who really did not need much more than what they gave me, my parents, produced my own money. She said it was very important that she learn how to do it, how she spends money and how she keeps the missed money and I just wanted freedom to spend what little they gave me. Seriously I think that at that time if I managed the money well because even though it was very scarce, it was enough for everything.

Today I work hard, as much as when I started in my twenties, and after a long time I feel that I recognize the effort. After going through volunteer, internship, assistant, and junior, I finally have autonomy of schedules, decision and fair compensation. As an independent decorator it is different; What I would like would be to earn the same for half the work I now do. I want to keep my salary but research about half design. It is for my mental health and so that the project does not lose my contribution, knowing that it is good and that thanks to it everything has improved.

A piggy always accompanies the life of an independent worker like me well and in my special case I feel the need to be beautiful. The Theosaurus model, designed by the German designer Martin Schatz for the Morphorm study, works great because it is not necessary to break it to get the savings just when we need them. Its organic and ecological design is made of ceramic. More information on the web page http: //www.morphorm