One of the first things that turn a house into a home are the curtains. It does not matter if the views are spectacular, or if the windows are high-tech materials, the curtains can be collected all the time and still continue to give warmth and character to the rooms.

Far have been the times when the curtains seemed the same to dress all the windows, regardless of the decorative style of the owners of the houses. Now you can play with different models for each room, with colors and textures. You can use net curtains to dress with subtlety and allow the passage of light. They are ideal to create romantic and timeless atmospheres if you use light colors, and if you dare, they are perfect to change the look of your home in summer and play with the air when you open the windows during this season. If you choose colors, the rooms will be contagious and create environments with cheerful flashes, perfect for children's rooms. Do not be afraid of the organza, the cottons and the linens, of stripes, smooth bottoms or tiny moles.

If you decide for opaque fabrics and with more weight, with classic prints, vichis or smooth, take the opportunity to play with the bars that give them more lightness: white, black or brown, iron or wood, with decorative finials to one or both sides. It also resorts to attractive solutions in the hanging system, such as bows, ribbons, clothespins, etc, as well as for the way of collecting them, with hooks to match the hanging bars, or with loops to match the fabric, in short. You will get to personalize your curtains.

Another way to hang the curtains

You can also resort to the blinds or the slats of cloth or wood that, like a blind, sift the entrance of light and sun into the rooms. The venetian and opaque blinds are solutions for less romantic and more serious environments, although combining colors you can get the effects you want, the same as if you use them with matching curtains at the same time.

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Very cheerful shades