Two precepts govern my home: the first is the commitment to the environmental cause and the second, to make the pet a member of the family. Regarding the first, I do not spare any investment in time or money -all with a limit, of course- in educating, practicing and promoting the preventive and corrective actions that have to do with the proper use of natural resources. With regard to the second, I can assure you that on behalf of my children, my husband and mine, our dog, Bruno, receives as much love as when he was a puppy, and more.

I take it so seriously that I am always looking for new products and advice on the best and most efficient way to live without negatively altering the environment and, ideally, can serve to improve the quality of life of my family members. , including the dog.

I recently discovered an attractive and soft blanket for pets that is made of 100 percent recycled plastic. It is so warm and comfortable that it can be placed in the dog's bed, in the armchair or in the chair of the car where the little animal usually jumps and barks. The MANTA ECOAMIGA, created by the designer HARRY BARKER, is available in two sizes, for small and large dogs, and in five classic colors: olive green, light green, blue, red and cream. At home, even the dog blanket is ecological, it's true. More information on the Website

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