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Some spaces of our house can provide a remarkable differential not only aesthetic but sensory when we define it as a living area outside of its conventional uses, obviously we do not refer to our living room or bedroom but to spaces created or used in a way smart and that transcend your primary disposition, we find this when we refer to roofs and terraces.

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Generally these spaces lack any atmosphere at the time of moving to the new house, their former owners use the place as a leisure area at specific moments but they do not have a permanent decoration for their best use, our task will be to transform the place to achieve a space within the home of wonderful features for relaxation and social life.

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To begin we will deal with the problematic or apparent problem of having a light roof, this is easily remedied by the implementation of a floating wooden platform which is supported on the columns that support the house or new structures are generated, its economic and simple construction generates a conventional house of economic solutions when it comes to being roofing can have a whole new space that arises from the implementation of these floating platforms creating in this way a large roof.

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We continue by define the space, a space intended for relaxation must obviously have furniture that lean its capacity to this end, in addition to making the most of the frame in which the space is located, that is why in character of outdoor furniture we recommend that destined to the beaches of swimming pools, we refer to spacious and cozy armchairs in materials similar to those found in the interior.

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The plants are certain evidence that we are in a space intended for relaxation, If you envy the upper gardens and want to have one of them but can not maintain their maintenance for reasons of time and money, have species that require little care, easy growth and wide tolerance to the prevailing climate, with decorative and elegant pots framed in artificial grass an economic solution and that although it does not have the benefits of the traditional lawn generates the wonderful contrast of the green meadow.

Wood, as we already mentioned, is a useful solution for light roofs, but also for achieving a marked thematic holding, the oriental decoration requires its implementation as well as the implementation of the wicker, you can achieve a beautiful rooftop by having an intelligent mix between the beauty of the wood and the artificial grass, as if it were a conventional garden implement a space of the stage to define the place of stay and instead of somewhat complex elements to implement as ponds or fountains can show a more practical and elegant decoration with bamboo, hemp or plastic imitations in decorative vases.


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