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When we focus on a decorative space we usually focus on furniture, designer creativity, or the innovation that these spaces propose based on drastically determining elements, but not always on the ornaments and the need to create many of them with our own hands, a task that undoubtedly determines the cost of decoration, and proposes one of the most rewarding activities in the world, being not only participants, they are architects of our spaces.

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Framed in this feature we present a novel way of decorating under the ornamental form, it is origami an old technique that tries to manipulate paper to create artistic morphs, today revolutionized by technology and digital printing which allows us to print these forms and using a simple tutorial to recreate them by investing only a little of our time and some patience, the result is remarkable and highly decorative, ornamental elements of a first level that have a tiny investment in relation to its great highlight.

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Focusing on this characteristic we already developed some concepts in previous deliveries which called papercraft as it is determined to the process and contextualized in the development of accessories for the bedroom of our child, however in this case we focus on other of its variables, called pop up paper, which invites the development of three-dimensional artisan elements, imitating the concepts discharged for some storybooks for children but moved to the spaces.

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Daisy Lew is an American creative that has managed to develop the concept well, its creation can decorate an office or a corner of our room, with the undoubted potential of being interactive as it invites to observe and verify its wonderful creation, it is a three-dimensional scheme of the city of NY completely created on paper.

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Victoria Harbour is a British artist who includes similar concepts but achieves them through the modification of a conventional book, the result is incredible while keeping it closed goes completely unnoticed to the vision of our visitors.

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The concept pop up paper can leave our table and move to our wall for it we find remarkable creative that they implement their works as if it were a painting on a thin canvas, the creative capacity is enhanced by this incredible ability that although it may sound funny is simple to imitate.

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In the network you can find several of these creations to download, these are creations in pdf format, which can be created by following the instructions and printing the models to cut and assemble, the video sites on the network also have tutorials and create these pieces of art except those that are owned by artists is presented as a decorative solution, viable and extremely economic.

art and decoration on paper

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