We do not have space on the floor! Between the chairs of the dining room, the pictures inherited from the grandmother, the balcony plants, the living room, the shelves, the libraries ... there is no room for another piece of furniture, but we need to have a small room, a different one from the one we already use regularly , we could even eliminate the old one and redecorate a new one that is smaller and gives us a bit of free space; we also need to walk between this overpopulation of furniture and we can not do that anymore.


Solutions! We need exits to this inconvenience! and in just one chair we can find hope. The piece CUBBA BUBBA from the designer, based in London, Velichko Velikov will find the answer. The furniture, which is characterized by its retro appearance and is inspired by the functional Japanese design, has the possibility of being five different types; an armchair, a rest chair, an office chair, a stool and a reclining chair, as well as a coffee table: a complete room in a single element. The intense red color of its upholstery contrasts with the white of the structure and allows to create a really special atmosphere in our home. Acquiring it is as easy as visiting the website http://www.coroflot.com.