When we are children we have the capacity to find treasures where nobody else can do it. We can remember with nostalgia and admiration how we rebuilt true cities of remote times in the sand, when our little characters fought against the empire of the ants or we managed to create the best theatrical representations with the clothes of our parents, the lounge chairs and the junk the kitchen. Always accompanied by brothers, cousins ​​and friends, we managed to create wonderful worlds that appeared as quickly as they disappeared when it was time to go to bed. How to forget our little desk, where colored pencils, temperas and crumpled papers rested, or our place in school, full of bursting with drawings, signs and a thousand papers.

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A beautiful accessory that will make our little ones can enjoy these experiences, much as we did, but with a little more order, which is very convenient, is the KETTA KIDS children's chair. Designed in the Japanese house LEIF DESIGNPARK, the precious and small tool of work of the small ones has a special characteristic and is that in the back it has a generous space to archive work material. Its construction is in white oak which makes it light and very resistant to the energetic use of dwarves. More information on the Website www.leif-designpark.com.