Once a year I get sick with the flu. It is incredible how, with the prediction power of a meteorological center, I can assure you that every new year - when winter starts - I get a strong flu that sends me to bed. Fever, chills, congestion, headache, muscle pain, bones and soul, this friend causes me to visit annually and I, who am a good hostess, I receive accompanied by an army of pills, infusions, creams and Best selection of my favorite movies.

I'm not going to say that being sick in bed I like it although I must clarify that something is pleasant to be "prostrate" and it is not difficult to discern what. I work a lot, I get to the office very early and I leave at the time I can, so I have rest when I stay at home. My husband and my children require a lot of me, I am the coordinator of their lives, and although I hope that when the boys grow up, this changes in the case of my husband, I have no hope; When I get bad, I'm the queen and government. I do not have free time and if it were to be left over, I would feel guilty for not investing it in my family but when I'm in a fever we're just television, books, music CDs and me. So, my friend, the flu, when she visits, gives me a break.

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