Sometimes, talking about design with regard to a sofa can mean talking about discomfort, because we all know that aesthetics sometimes sacrifices other aspects of furniture to look more beautiful and striking. However, not everything has to be so and an example of this is the model that we present below: Enveloppe Sofa.

It is a creation of the French designer Inga Sempe, for the company LK Hjelle. It is so comfortable that it can sometimes look like a bed, and at the same time it is original and innovative. It consists of a consistent base, with a very comfortable mattress and a backrest made in the shape of cushions.

At their ends are movable, and can be placed where we want, using them as pillows, as resting feet, to support us sitting and watching comfortably television or chatting, and of course thought to sleep a few sea of ​​comfortable.

All these characteristics lead us to think of a soft and very soft product, which directly incites sleep and rest, no discomfort. In addition the designer has thought of the whole family and has created smaller models for children and larger for adults, so everyone will have their redoubt for rest. Its dimensions are 97 x 175 x 95.

To combine with all types of decoration 140 has been published colors to choose from.

Further information: LK Hjelle

Vía: Freshome