When decorating a house, la choice of colors for the walls It is usually a headache, even more if the house is new construction, that is, it is newly made and there is nothing in it that can inspire us. That's why we bring you the Bruguer room simulator.

We have to start the project from scratch and visualize the furniture we want along with the decoration in general, and of course, the painting. It's a difficult decision, but somewhere you have to start. To give us a hand, at least as far as painting is concerned, we have discovered the Bruguer room simulator that makes it much easier to choose colors and combinations between them.

Bruguer room simulator to choose the color of your house

Bruguer room simulator - how to choose the color of the wall

Its use is very simple we just have to enter i-paint and select, first, the style with which we want to decorate, the most similar to what our house will be. Afterwards, we chose a room to decorate (for example, living room or bedroom), and after that, a color to be included as the main decoration.

As noted, say that depending on the type of decoration we will offer a palette of different colors, so, for a rustic decoration, soft tones predominate with the presence of beige and earthy colors, although we also find combinations of other colors, such as blue.

Based on the color we have chosen, they will show us a series of combinations that we can apply to the image we see. Each selected color is accompanied by technical data, such as the tone, the collection or the number, which will then be used to go to the nearest store and ask for the exact tone chosen.

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In this way we can get an idea of ​​the final result, although it will not be exactly the same as remember that the colors on the screen are not the same as those left on a wall so do not forget do tests on the wall before painting the rooms completely.

Bruguer room simulator - color chart
Source: Cristian Menghi

Color combination for the room

Depending on whether it is a children's room, juvenile or adult, the colors will have their differences. Choose colors more pastel, vibrant or serious depending on the functionality that is going to give. In the online application to choose colors of the walls, it will be really easy to find the most suitable colors.

El color of a room It depends not only on your tastes but on the search for a balance so that color does not intervene in your well-being and sleep.

The room is a place where nuances are of great importance. It is about the stay where we will meet with our family and where more time we will spend with our eyes open, day and night. That is why you have to choose colors that look equally at different times of the day, regardless of the light that enters through the windows.

In the kitchen, depending on its size and use, if it is only for cooking or for family meals, the colors will vary. The light also has a lot to see as well as the color of the cabinets. Before color cabinets it is best to opt for white or broken beige and white tones, If the cabinets are colored wood or white we can already imagine the color of the walls and even ceilings. Be that as it may, you can use the Bruguer room simulator to see which color is best in your kitchen.

But ... what is the fashionable color for our walls? Bruguer, as a reference paint brand in Spain, launches each year a color based on the new trends in interior decoration. And according to them, the color of 2015 for the walls is ...

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CF15Film (VO) from ThisCity on Vimeo.

This color, the copper orange is ideal to combine with natural wood colors, brown, beige, white, gray, green, pink ... As you can fit in almost any space to give a touch of different color and update your home.

Bruguer room simulator - color-2015-bruguer

Bruguer room simulator - fashionable colors

If you are going to get down to work with the choice of the colors of your home I invite you to read also the color recommendations according to Feng Shui with what you can achieve not only visual balance but also for your family, and do not forget to use the Bruguer room simulator to find the ideal color for each space.

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