When we visit a house of a friend, a relative, a partner, etc. It is usual that we notice the small details and locate the small errors almost instantly. However, those same mistakes, in our own house we ignore them, maybe because they are part of the decoration and we are so used to living with them that we do not even see them.

living room

Today, to "open your eyes" I bring you a small list of those common mistakes that we often ignore. Take good note:

  • Excess is not good.
    I'll give you an example: many times we tend to cushion the sofas of cushions and cushions unnecessarily. And I say unnecessarily because in most cases they only serve to charge the environment and bother when using the sofa to be removed, rolled, etc. Thus, no unnecessary excesses, especially if they also pose a discomfort.
  • Take into account to the minimum detail It is very important and this is applicable to accessories, ornaments, etc.
    In this case I'll give you another example: How many times have you entered a house and the first thing that catches your attention are those horrible artificial flowers? The artificial flowers in the decoration are a success if you know how to choose. If you plan to include them in your decoration, choose the design well, it must be an original design, in keeping with the rest of the decoration and impeccable, otherwise you will have the idea undone or replace it with natural flowers.
  • Do not forget to forget the windows, a house with bare windows is a cold house without grace. In addition, curtains, blinds, blinds, etc. They are not only almost essential in the decoration, but also provide intimacy, warmth and comfort, as they help regulate light.
  • Watch the functionality of the whole house: avoid furniture that hinder or hinder transit or access or other stays, take into account the lighting, if you have storage problems bet on furniture that helps you solve the problem, etc.
  • Last but not least!the cables! We tend to forget the cables and there is nothing more unpleasant than seeing cables go up and down the walls or how they disfigure the environment placed on view by the floor, furniture, etc.