The stairs, in a home is one of the most functional parts, besides its use is more than usual in the home. However, it is curious that despite being one of the most used parts on many occasions we do not tend to pay too much attention to their scenery.

Luckily this custom of "ignoring" the stairs is changing thanks to the large number of companies that begin to dedicate themselves exclusively to the design and manufacture of first quality stairs, betting not only for functionality, comfort and safety but also for the style and aesthetics.

Materials such as glass, stainless steel and wood begin to appear on stairs with designs that are increasingly avant-garde and visually appealing. In addition, begin to appear more and more solutions and more ingenious that put an end to problems such as space without giving up at any time to style and elegance.

Here are some examples of the «new stairs».

glass staircase

If there is a visually appealing design and capable of completely transforming a space, these are the designs that use glass as the main material.
Maybe that attractiveness is produced precisely because it is not a usual material. However, it is an ideal solution in small spaces or with little light.

wooden stairs

Wood is a material that is most commonly used but the truth is that despite being common, wooden designs continue to surprise, perhaps because of their innovative shapes. The truth is that there are for all tastes and offer solutions to any space.

floating marble staircase